Poster presentation of the project on the fifth year of an international film festival with ecological theme TUR OSTRAVA 2008 (

23.4.2008, Ostrava, photo: Z. Bártová

The action C.3 „Planting of original species of shrubs“ have realised in the first half of April.

7.4.2008, Vyšní Lhoty, photo: R. Barták

The 6th meeting of Management committee took place in April 9th.

9.4.2008, Ostrava, photo: R. Barták

The action F.4 "Monitoring of the impact of project activities" - biomonitoring have realised from the half of April.

17.4.2008, Dobrá, photo: R. Barták

Trailer of documentary about the Beskydy Bird Site and the proposed Site of Community Importance, ‘Niva Morávky’

Video for download (.wmv file) HERE

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